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Leg 1: TSB Stadium - Starting from Mason Drive proceed along Rogan Street to Coronation Av. taking the path to the left of the motorway, proceed to the far end of the motorway. An undulating section follows with a down hill past Burgess Park and a 2.3 km climb to the Crematorium transition. (8.4 km)
Leg 2: Crematorium - - Crematorium to Inglewood, Undulating and gradual climbing with a small downhill and flat section into Inglewood. (9.5 km)
Leg 3: Inglewood Hotel - Inglewood to Norfolk School. Gentle climbs with undulations. (5.1 km) Inglewood map
Leg 4: Norfolk School - Undulations, then harder climbs from 5km to 7.6km and more undulations to Midhurst.( 10.8 km)
Leg 5: Midhurst Service Station - Downhill, then a slight rise and dip to the Stratford Caltex service station.( 5.1 km)
Leg 6: Stratford Caltex Service Station - Slightly climbing for 4.4km then downhill to Ngaere hall . (6.2 km) Stratford map
Leg 7: Ngaere Hall - Slightly downhill, first turn right down Clifford Street, then left into Collingwood Street, transition by Factory. (5.1 km) (Catch up leg)
Leg 8: Fonterra Cheese Factory - Turn right into Eltham/Opunake Rd. The next transition is Mangatoki Hall. Undulating and gradual climbing. (6.1 km)
Leg 9: Mangatoki Hall - Gradual climb with some rolling sections, transition by Kaponga Hall. (6.7 km) Kaponga map
Leg 10: Kaponga Victoria Park - Undulations and a drop to Riverlea Hall. (5.7 km)
Leg 11: Riverlea Hall - Undulations and dropping to Te Kiri Hall. (9.4 km)
Leg 12: Te Kiri Hall - Gentle down hill with some undulations, turning right at the end of the Eltham/Opunake Rd. To the transition at the Sandford Event Centre opposite the Opunake High School. (11.7 km)
Leg 13: Sandford Event Centre - Tasman Street. Some undulations, slight rise overall to transition outside the Shell Maui production station. (6.9 km) Opunake map
Leg 14: Maui Production Station - Undulations, slightly down hill to transition opposite Rahotu School. (8.5 km)
Leg 15: Rahotu School - Undulations to Pungarehu Transition by Pungarehu hall. (5.1 km) (Catch up leg)
Leg 16: Pungarehu Hall - Undulations to Warea. (5.7 km)
Leg 17: Warea Hall - Undulations and slightly downhill to Okato transition which is before the roundabout. (8.6 km)
Leg 18: Okato Fish Shop - Leaving Okato we progress through a hilly section then move into a rolling downhill section into Oakura and the transition by the Oakura hall. (11.9 km) (Catch up leg)
Leg 19: Oakura Hall - Leaving Oakura, hilly section moving into undulations and a down hill section to the Omata school transition . ( 7.4 km)
Leg 20: Omata School - Slightly downhill from Omata with a downhill section and climb into New Plymouth and flat section to the transition by Spotswood College.(3.1 km)
Leg 21: Spotswood College - Rolling hills on Devon Street down to Cutfield Street, turn right, and then left into Powderham Street. Turn right into Morley and left into Vivian Street. Proceed down Vivian Street, turning right into Gover Street. A steep climb takes you to the finish at the racecourse. (5km) Finish map

All transition areas will be coned, well sign posted and have toilet facilities, water and Horleys intelligent sports nutrient.

Team members will be waiting at the top of the hill to accompany you to the finish where a team photo will be taken.

Well Done Teams. Time to kick back, have a massage, some food and refreshments and enjoy the live band and atmosphere at the finish.

Catch-Up Legs
Teams are able to use legs 7, 15, and 18 as catch up legs to ensure the team will finish by 6:00pm. Team managers will record the extra time taken on the time sheet. Full details on catch-up legs will be sent to your Team Manager along with other important information. Catch up legs example

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